People currently involved in the GOLEM project:

Project Supervisor:
Responsibilities: main designer, chief programmer, and maintainer. Vlastimil Havran
e-mail: havran"at-character"
External Project Consultants:
Expert for VRML'97 specification and issues. Jiri Žára
Comment: in 1997-1999 active as a developer. Jiri Bittner
Responsible for implementation of scene complexity measures in 2000. Jan Prikryl
Students Programmers:
Master thesis: "Modern Global Illumination Algorithms", January 2001 Jaroslav Krivanek
Master thesis: "Texturing and Mapping Algorithms for Image Synthesis", January 2001. Petr Mladek

People involved in the GOLEM project in the past (Master Theses):

Ph.D. Students:
Envinronment class and general software design in 1997-1998. Tomas Kopal
Master thesis: "Geometric Support for GOLEM rendering system", February 2000. Vladimir Nadvornik
Master thesis: "Visualization of spatial data structures", May 1999. Libor Dachs
Master thesis: "VRML'97 parser in ANSI C++", January 1999. Michal Masa
Master thesis: "Non-uniform grids for ray tracing", May 1998. Filip Sixta

Students involved in the GOLEM project in the past
(student term projects, mainly under the subject Visualization):

David Rehor (3D scenes parsers), 2000
Martin Havel (QT-GUI environment for GOLEM), 1999-2000
Zdenek Benak (QT-GUI environment for GOLEM), 1999-2000
Josef Kozak (QT-GUI environment for GOLEM), 1999-2000
Radek Slaby (WWW-GUI for GOLEM), 2000
Lenka Jerabkova (VRML'97 text primitive), 1999
Ivo Banovsky (VRML'97 text primitive), 1999
Jiri Liska (texture support), 1999
Petr Rezek (VRML'97 elevation grid primitive), 1998
Petr Stroff (VRML'97 elevation grid primitive), 1998

Last updated 31.1.2001
by Vlastimil Havran