Welcome to the GOLEM project

The experimental rendering package GOLEM was originaly initiated with the aim to test number of accelerating techniques used in advanced photo realistic algorithms like the ray tracing in 1997. Although the first version of the package came from OORT (Object-Oriented Ray Tracing in C++ developed by Nicholas Wilt in 1994), the current version of GOLEM is completely different and much more powerfull than initial version. The GOLEM rendering system passed couple redesign phases according to the required features and generalization process - now it is a library written in portable ANSI C++ working under Linux/UNIX and MS Windows. At present it contains over 150.000 lines of source code and over 270 classes excluding six third-party libraries.

Developers and users have been members of the Computer Graphics Group at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Number of improvements has been implemented by students of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Since GOLEM was formed in 1997, several research papers related to GOLEM have been presented on several computer graphics conferences and journals.

Mored detailed information about GOLEM can be found at Technical Specification pages. Small image gallery shows various examples of test scenes together with the scene characteristics.

Currently, the GOLEM rendering system is not publicly available neither as executable nor in source code.

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Last updated 25.06.2001
by Vlastimil Havran