Bas-Relief Meshes for Adding Global Illumination Effects to Hand-Drawn Characters

Daniel Sýkora
CTU in Prague, FEE
Ladislav Kavan
University of Pennsylvania
ETH Zurich
Martin Čadík
MPI Informatik / CTU in Prague, FEE
Brno University of Technology
Ondřej Jamriška
CTU in Prague, FEE
Alec Jacobson
ETH Zurich
Brian Whited
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Maryann Simmons
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Olga Sorkine-Hornung
ETH Zurich


We present a new approach for generating global illumination renderings of hand-drawn characters using only a small set of simple annotations. Our system exploits the concept of bas-relief sculptures, making it possible to generate 3D proxies suitable for rendering without requiring side-views or extensive user input. We formulate an optimization process that automatically constructs approximate geometry sufficient to evoke the impression of a consistent 3D shape. The resulting renders provide the richer stylization capabilities of 3D global illumination while still retaining the 2D hand-drawn look-and-feel. We demonstrate our approach on a varied set of hand-drawn images and animations, showing that even in comparison to ground-truth renderings of full 3D objects, our bas-relief approximation is able to produce convincing global illumination effects, including self-shadowing, glossy reflections, and diffuse color bleeding.

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ACM Transactions on Graphics 33(2):16, 2014

(SIGGRAPH 2014, Vancouver, Canada, August 2014)



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