Color Me Noisy

Example-based Rendering of Hand-colored Animations With Temporal Noise Control

Jakub Fišer
CTU in Prague, FEE
Michal Lukáč
CTU in Prague, FEE
Ondřej Jamriška
CTU in Prague, FEE
Martin Čadík
Brno University of Technology
Yotam Gingold
George Mason University
Paul Asente
Adobe Research
Daniel Sýkora
CTU in Prague, FEE


We present an example-based approach to rendering hand-colored animations which delivers visual richness comparable to real artwork while enabling control over the amount of perceived temporal noise. This is important both for artistic purposes and viewing comfort, but is tedious or even intractable to achieve manually. We analyse typical features of real hand-colored animations and propose an algorithm that tries to mimic them using only static examples of drawing media. We apply the algorithm to various animations using different drawing media and compare the quality of synthetic results with real artwork. To verify our method perceptually, we conducted experiments confirming that our method delivers distinguishable noise levels and reduces eye strain. Finally, we demonstrate the capabilities of our method to mask imperfections such as shower-door artifacts.

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Computer Graphics Forum 33(4):1–10, 2014

(EGSR'14, Lyon, France, June 2014)

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